Re: how do I set a home page in the new fire fox?

John Isige

Right, I thought everybody was asking about Quantum, but if you're doing
anything older than whenever that started, 58 I think, you want to use
Gene's instructions. Sorry, I should have clarified.

On 7/30/2018 19:40, Gene wrote:
Here is a correction.  I was giving instructions based on the ESR 52.x
version.  I just checked in my 62.x version and the interface has been
very much changed.  My instructions are accurate for older versions,
before quantum, starting at about 60.x.  The message from another
member applies to quantum versions, about 60 and higher.
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1. Tools/options.

2. Shift-tab until you get to the list of categories, you'll probably be
on general.

3. Arrow down to "home".

4. Tab until you reach a combo box that says "homepage and new windows".

5. Pick custom URLs.

6. Tab once and you'll get a combo box that says "paste URL". Type your
URL in there.

I literally typed in which is what the original poster
asked about, and when I ran Firefox again, instead of coming up with a
blank page, it came up with the BARD login form asking me for my email
address and password. The one thing I don't know how to do is close
options. Well, ctrl-w closes them, but if I have a homepage it goes to
that, but if I have a blank page, instead of going back to the address
bar so I can enter a URL, it closes Firefox. But other than that, it
works just fine for me. NVDA 2018.2.1, Firefox 61.0.1, 64-bit, Windows
10, whatever the latest one is, 64-bit obviously.

On 7/30/2018 17:57, Gene wrote:
Open tools, alt t, then type o for options.  Wait a moment and tab once.
You are in a list of categories.  General is the first list and you
are already on it.  If you want to work with another list, down arrow
and you will move to all the categories.  If you get stuck and can't
move down further, up arrow and then start down arrowing again.  There
are, I believe, eight categories.  In this case, general is the one
you want.
Tab through the items.  You will see items pertaining to what Firefox
does when it starts.  If you have problems, ask here.
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I'm still having trouble setting my home page. I saw something about
drag and drop but there has to e another way.

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Thanks, John. I was trying to change my home page right now in the new
firefox but I had a little trouble with it too. I'll give it another


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Tools/Options, shift-tab a couple of times and you'll get to a list,
arrow down to home, tab, and there's a combo box where you can pick
options like blank page or whatever. I didn't look at the rest of it
but that's where you set up your home page before, so I assume if you
pick the right option, it will have an edit field to specify the page
you want as your home page.

On 7/30/2018 16:52, brian wrote:
I am using the new fire fox and I have my favorites from ie and I do
have first letternavagation but how do I set my home page I want to
use bard thats the page I have in ie.  There is an article that I
found when I googled it but it says to drag and drop. I am having no
issues with nvda reading in fire fox.  no issues when down loading I
use save as and then control j to hear the percentages. Fire fox
loads pages faster than in ie.

Brian Sackrider

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