Re: nvda and microsoft word

Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Hi Lisa,

I would like to try to help with this, if I can!

Can you say what version of Word you are using, What version of Windows and the version of NVDA that you are using? This will set the grounds for investigation

I use Word 2016 with the latest NVDA (version 2018.2.1) and windows 10.

I often get word files as attachments to emails and Windows always puts them into protected mode (this is the default action). When I unprotect them, I can read them fine. That is why I would ask you to describe your actions step by step from the point of opening the word file, how you unprotect it. Tell us what you expect to find in the document and what you are not hearing after that.

All the best,


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I have a Microsoft word issue I could do with some ideas on if anyone has any.

I have a document I can read fine with NVDA in protected view mode, but when I take protected view mode off to edit it, NVDA stops being able to read it properly. Run out of things to try.

Any ideas? [smile].


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