some questions about NVDA

abdul muhamin

Hi all. Here are some questions I want to ask

  1. Can we expect flexible web with NVDA in future?
  2. What about the screen curtain addon for NVDA?
  3. As you all know, Narrator has an image description feature, why we doesn’t have this important feature in NVDA?
  4. In the early updates of win10. When the win10 OCR implemented on NVDA. It recognize almost everything, for example, the photos in photos app, even I used it for reading video games menu. But now, its very laggy. And doesn’t recognize as it was before. Why is that?
  5. In Microsoft office 2013 or 2016, the NVDA has so many delays, while reading, writing, and while reading the ribbon menus, why?
  6. In the modern browsers like the Firefox quantum, solving captcha images is the main issue for many vi people. Can we expect a feature in NVDA for it
  7. Last question, I’m using Microsoft mail app. And I’ve created a sepret profile for it. Sometimes after reading or replying to a mail. When I press windows plus m to move to the desktop. The NVDA stops reading anything. And it force me to restart the NVDA, why?

I hope all of the above mentioned problems will be fixed in the


Keep the NVDA alive!



Abdul muhamin

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