Re: Free, accessible TV software

Walker, Michael E

Could you provide more context on what you mean by watching TV? I typically just go to in Firefox, log in, search for the movie I want, and add it to my list, or play. You should see if what is built into Windows 10 will work, if you need something else. Going back to Windows 7 to watch TV is not acceptable. That tells people developing for Windows 10 that it is okay for their software to be inaccessible.




From: [] On Behalf Of bob jutzi
Sent: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 12:56 PM
Subject: [nvda] Free, accessible TV software


Anyone know of Win10 software for watching TV which works with NVDA?

If needed, I could revert back to Windows7 on my other system but if possible, want this as a last resort.


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