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Walker, Michael E

I understand that you prefer Chrome, but we sometimes have to switch browsers for certain services. I am not sure of the answer of setting this up as a service. If that does not work for you, you might need to use Safari for it. What issues are you having in Safari?

You might also check if there is a VoiceOver mailing list that would be better suited for this topic. I mean better suited as in you may be able to expand to a larger audience of just VoiceOver users, as you are asking about Mac.

Good luck!

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I just prefer chrome and safari right now has issues. Anywy, is there a way to get rezilio sync working on mac this way I can use it on both mac and windows and just sync stuff I need from one machine to another when I need to. I heard you can set it up as a service and getit out of the way but this is all new to me.

On 1 Aug 2018, at 12:03, Walker, Michael E wrote:

Sarah, why not use Safari instead of Chrome?

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Wish that rezilio sync were accessible for mac os, but the author
does not want to do this even though he nows that we have isues. If
the interface were accessible wiht chrome I would use it but sadly I
think it will be.


On 1 Aug 2018, at 11:28, Tyler Wood wrote:

This is way way way way and about 10 more ways overcomplicating your

1. firefox, open your sync interface.

2. FInd folder you want removed. Hit capslock shift m on it.

3. BOttom of the screen with control end, you'll find a remove link.
Click it.

All done.

No need to rebuild databases, remove indexes. That just hurts more
than helps in long term.

The only thing I do is remove the .zip and .log files in the appdata

On 01-Aug-2018 1:24 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Is there a way for us blinks to disconnect and remove folders.

I have had one that hasn't downloaded much over ages due to slow
connection and download rate with users, etc.

Well suddenly it seems bt sync seems to be stuck trying to sync it,
and not doing so unless its indexes are dammaged, I have killed the
indexes but to be honest, if I could remove it from my sync that
would be fine, its not an important folder and I can probably gleem
it from somewhere else, then again, I may just get rid of it totally
its not like something I need, there are other folders I could just
munge at this point.

However right now I need to rebuild my entire sync database.

I'd leave syncing completely and if it were not for ultrabit I'd do
just that.

reality is though that because I am going to be replacing this box
sometimes this year and just want to keep it going, the easiest way
out of this, is to delete my sync profile, uninstall resilio sync
and leave it at that.

I will retry today but if it doesn't work, I am going to probably
temperarily stop syncing my files at least for now.

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