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Casey <cwollner@...>

Hi what USB TV tuner card do you have and can you get cable TV on it as well?

Where can you purchase this TV tuner card that you have and how well does it work with Jaws or NVDA?

On 8/1/2018 8:01 PM, Stephen wrote:
I use a program called NextPVR with my USB TV tuner card.
It is very good, and it has a web interface that you can use to schedule your recordings, then you can use whatever media player you are comfortable with to play your recordings.
The setup process is very accessible.
At 04:38 AM 8/2/2018, you wrote:

Sorry this does not exist in WIN 10. I suggest a simple HD antenna on a good ole HD TV. I know there is a piece of Software called Chris TV, but don't know if it works with NVDA or how it works in general. Do a web search on said software.
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Does Windows 10 not have Windows Media Center? Have you tried going to the start menu and typing Windows Media Center into the search? Maybe they call it something different in Windows 10, or have a replacement program built in for it. If you are still not sure what to do, try a Google search for Windows 10 Media Center, and it should tell you what is the new toy on the market. Sorry, I do not keep up with this stuff adequately. I just look at what I need, and learn about a new app, as I go along. I mostly use iTunes, e-mail, and the web.


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Sorry, I should have indicated TV Tuning software for use with a TV tuner adapter such as can be done using Windows Media Center under Windows 7.

On 8/1/2018 2:19 PM, Walker, Michael E wrote:
Could you provide more context on what you mean by watching TV? I
typically just go to in Firefox, log in, search for the
movie I want, and add it to my list, or play. You should see if what
is built into Windows 10 will work, if you need something else. Going
back to Windows 7 to watch TV is not acceptable. That tells people
developing for Windows 10 that it is okay for their software to be


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Anyone know of Win10 software for watching TV which works with NVDA?

If needed, I could revert back to Windows7 on my other system but if
possible, want this as a last resort.



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