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Well if next pvr works with everything maybe thats fine.

Ofcause with all the  tvs being digital it may be easier to set an apple tv for tv viewing its a bit of a cost.

Or get used to your tv you have, not all channels can have audio descriptions and while some tvs do have accessibility in them including samsung ones, my 24 inch soni is not.

I got a sightling to set the tv and it works, ofcause you need to memorise the channels you need and then go for it.

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I think this is a big problem generally. The first thing is to define what tv system its to work with. National differences are quite radical, and of course the  adaptor which is feeding the computer could be any from built in cards to usb dongles and online tv, Sat tv or terrestrial with all the different systems for AD and program guides in different parts of the world.
I do not think anyone has cracked it globally. there is still this tendency by the makers of this software that as its a visual thing, no point in making it work for blind people is there, kind of mindset.
 However if anyone does find such universal software then bring it on.
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Anyone know of Win10 software for watching TV which works with NVDA?

If needed, I could revert back to Windows7 on my other system but if
possible, want this as a last resort.


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