Re: New Google results page??

Jonathan COHN

To be a little more specific about this, There are usually a few category areas on the google results page. These are often titled:
Videos, Top News, Search Results, Advertising... These are always at H2 level so can be gotten to with the number 2 shortcut.

On my most recent search there were two H1 headings
The first: "Search Modes" followed by a set of text fields that are actually more like buttons to select News or Videos or Shopping.
The second "Search Results"

Each individual item and the "next" page bbutton are all at H3 levels. On this search I found it interesting that there was Top News, then Web Results (with some of the same links as top news) and then Videos and then more Web Results.

´╗┐On 8/2/18, 9:30 AM, "Ralf Kefferpuetz" <> wrote:

The google site doesn't give me any probs. First you got the ads results, then the web results, so I just go down to the web results and then it is all very clear and easy...

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I noticed google have redone their site, there are results clearly labeled as either adds, web or whatever, google the site for search has gotten a lot easier to handle for me.

On 8/2/2018 8:02 PM, zahra wrote:
> hi brian.
> i faced this issue in the recent days.
> even i go to google website and write and search my desire item, but
> finding the result became a little difficult.
> what is the solution to make previous behaviour?
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>> Its been a few days since i tried a google search from the address
>> bar, but
>> now it comes up with a search choices with no apparent indication it
>> has any
>> function, but it does and it then seems to get very confusing.
>> Unfortunately
>> if you ignore it and use the search results list it seems very
>> restricted compared to how it was. It seems to be prioritising videos
>> and pictures, when what I really want are articles and web sites.
>> Is there any way to get the traditional system back or does one have
>> to figure out the new choices system after a log in to actually make
>> it act in
>> a sensible way?
>> Brian
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