Windows going silent

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I have noticed a fair few of these messages here and have experienced several apparent windows lock ups myself. However it is looking like it might be an issue with usb drivers or hardware.

Up until quite recently on windows 7, if a usb malfunctioned you simply got a warning. but recently it just stops the machine. Now its hard with such an erratic problem to work out if nvda is involved at all in this, or if its a windows issue.
All I can say is check all usb attached devices for intermittent connections or unplug those you are not using at the moment and see if the issue stops happening.
I had it with a wireless dongle and a couple of mp3 players and I've unplugged them so we shall have to see.
I only sussed this out as when I did a button shut down there was a fragment of speech about a usb issue.

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