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It is a autoresponder, its a standard boilerplate message.
What this message actually means is that the server has recieved the message and nothing more.
What you will need to wait is for an actual responce and be mindfull that the message is in a cue.
Often when I send a message to say a support site I get that sort of thing saying its behing worked on.
Its just an autoresponder crap message telling me that its in the cue of things.
I recieve usually a responce in 24 hours or so, thats another thing if the responder states how much time it should take for a message to get through to an responce then that is what it does.

On 25/05/2016 4:01 p.m., Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
Guys, give them a break for Christ sake! They said they were working on
it, did they not?

If you don't believe them, then, ok, fine, whatever, but you don't have
to publicly rub it in their faces! That's incredibly disrespectful!
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Sounds like a classic autoresponse script to me.
At 12:22 AM 5/25/2016, you wrote:
Hi all,
I received an email from apple. I am going to post it below this
Thanks to Christopher for posting the email address for Apple

Re: newest version of iTunes.; Follow-up: 641443370
Thank you for your email. We appreciate the feedback and wanted to
let you know that Apple is currently investigating this issue. We
cannot comment on when it may be resolved.
Apple Accessibility

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