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I suspect that if you compare Google results to other search engines,
Google will be better.  In addition, if people are concerned about privacy issues, you can get a lot more privacy by not being logged into your Google account when you search. 
Others may want to compare other search engines to Google.  One thing missing from the search engines I tried was a caching feature.  This is a very useful feature at times.  And the little comparison I've done, as I recall, it's been quite awhile, seemed to show, though I didn't do a lot of testing and this needs to be confirmed or disconfirmed, that I saw the most relevant results sooner in the list.
and I'm not sure if these other sites show the address of where the link leads.  That is essential in today's security environment unless you know how to see where the link leads in other ways. 
I'd have to experiment to see if one method is better than another, that is if having the address right there on the page is meaningfully more convenient than using copy link location, then reading it from the clipboard by making the screen-reader read the clipboard content.
As far as caching goes, it is invaluable if you are dealing with a web page that is a pdf page, or something like an rtf document.  Using the cached version opens a Google converted version of the document.  It is a standard web page.  it saves you conversion time or reading the document in a viewer.  It's right there as a web page. 
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Hi there: You can also use startpage as your search engine. Been using it for years. I don't use Google and since I was given startpage as a search engine I never used Google as the search engine.

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 8:51 PM Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
All maximizing a page does is make it larger.  it doesn't change content.  I do what I have done for years, use the letter h to move by heading.  There are some different headings than before.  Then there is a heading that says something like web results.  I haven't done searches to compare, but the one or two searches I've done seem to show the same or about the same results below the web content heading. 
I'm skeptical that the actual results have changed.  See this article:
Changing the results would mean a major change in how google decides to show results in terms of their order.  I doubt they would do it and this article not saying anything appears to be strong evidence against it or against any major change. 
Are you looking above the section of web results and seeing differences?  The sections above web results are not the search results people have been using for years.  Those under the heading appear to be.
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Hi.  I have noticed that Google has recently changed it's search results
criteria.  Yes, there is more emphasis on video and pictoral results.  A
few things you can try.

1.  Press the windows key plus up arrow to maximize the search page.  I
am not saying it will yield better results, but it might help some.

2.  try ending your search word or phrase with a  question mark, like
"Fishing lines?" or "Household Gadgets?"

3.  Even if you are given a video or picture search result, there is no
harm in clicking the page in question.  There might be textual answers
that might lead you somewhere.

4.  You might find your answer in a page other than the first one, like
in page two or 3 of the search results.  Sometimes, patience can be a

5.  If all else fails, or if you are in a hurry and do not have the
patience to persevere with Google Search, then resort to using other
search engines like Bing or Yahoo.  These are my strategies, and they do
work for me most times.

On 2/8/2018 4:02 PM, zahra wrote:
> hi brian.
> i faced this issue in the recent days.
> even i go to google website and write and search my desire item, but
> finding the result became a little difficult.
> what is the solution to make previous behaviour?
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>> Its been a few days since i tried a google search from the address bar, but
>> now it comes up with a search choices with no apparent indication it has any
>> function, but it does and it then seems to get very confusing. Unfortunately
>> if you ignore it and use the search results list it seems very restricted
>> compared to how it was. It seems to be prioritising videos and pictures,
>> when what I really want are articles and web sites.
>> Is there any way to get the traditional system back or does one have to
>> figure out the new choices system after a log in to actually make it act in
>> a sensible way?
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