Re: Strange Behavior with NVDA and Website

Jonathan COHN

Dear Abby,


Perhaps the issue is that you are not logged into on Firefox and Chrome.  Immediately after the “Help” button or link there is a widget that will have your name if you are logged in or else a link to the login screen.









From: <> on behalf of Abbie Taylor <abbietaylor945@...>
Reply-To: "" <>
Date: Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 6:40 PM
To: NVDA <>
Subject: [nvda] Strange Behavior with NVDA and Website


I don’t know if this is an issue with NVDA or the site, but I thought I would bring it up for what it’s worth. I subscribe to this and two other lists on this platform in daily summary mode to cut down on the number of messages that land in my in box. This means that the only way I can reply to a message is through the website. Today, I discovered that the Reply button is missing. I was in Firefox at the time. I switched to Chrome and then Internet Explorer before finally finding the reply button. How weird is that?


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