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I do not know if its the hot weather here, or what but my main pc has
stopped booting, so depending on what a sighted person can deduce, I might
be out of circulation for a short or longer time. Obviously, since it has
an ssd and if that has gone, although I have backups, the configuration of
lots of software is a major task to undertake.
If in the end it is decided to reformat I cannot use the backups either so
that is going to take even longer to rebuild the files.

Basically, this morning I was told an update to an add on was available and I allowed it to proceed, but when the nvda rebooted the computer totally locked up.
On starting with the button, it continuously prompts for boot media, but does not provide a way to enter it. On chatting to the firm that built it they suggest the bios might be corrupt and I should keep hitting delete and then set the proper option. which really is not an option without sighted help.
If this is what it is, it could be the battery, I suppose or it might be corrupt windows, I have a rescue disc and backups from Sunday last, but if its a total mess than I have a major job of rebuilding a very complex lot of software. I'll see you all in the spring!

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