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Of an interesting note if you have a newer 4th gen intel or up they don't seem to have this issue but first gen i3s probably do my i5 3rd gen does boot but its under preasure, if the system needs a user profile repair, a good reformat or a really big crash its usually in the summer months.

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I do not know if its the hot weather here, or what but my main pc has
stopped booting, so depending on what a sighted person can deduce, I might
be out of circulation for  a short or longer time. Obviously, since  it  has
an ssd and if that has gone, although I have backups, the configuration of
lots of software is a major task to undertake.
If in the end it is decided to reformat I cannot use the backups either so
that is going to take even longer to rebuild the  files.

Basically, this morning I was told an update to an add on was available and I allowed it to proceed, but when the nvda rebooted the computer totally locked up.
On starting with the button, it continuously prompts for boot media, but does not provide a way to enter it. On chatting to the firm that built it they suggest the bios might be corrupt and  I should keep hitting delete and then set the proper option. which really is not an option without sighted help.
If this is what it is, it could be the battery, I suppose or it might be corrupt windows, I have a rescue disc and backups from Sunday last, but if its a total mess than I have a major job of rebuilding a very complex lot of software. I'll see you all in the spring!

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