how to filter brailleoutput

Brian Tew

Joseph Lee Wrote:
Actually, there is a more important question: can you tell us use cases for this request?
In every case the speech filters are useful for audio they are much more useful for braille.
Why do you filter speech? Because it gets rid of unwanted clutter.
This problem is far worse in braille.

Skype is the immediate cause for my inquiry.
Every incoming message says:

from John Doe, skype message, blah blah blah, sent at 6:23 and 10 seconds on august 3, 2018

or something about like that.
I can make all that silly extra garbage go away in speech, but not in braille.
my speech now just says: from John Doe, blah blah.
But I am too deaf to understand John's immortal prose in many cases.
I need braille, but John's words are burried in unwanted junk words.

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