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Who said that? However there are some drives I have that still are readable albeit slowly at past that age, including 1 2.7 gig one.
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You're not seriously telling us you are still using 30 year old hard drives?


On Friday 03 August 2018 at 23:11:22, Gene New Zealand wrote:

Hi Bria

It can usually be any thing with a computer usually it is the battery in
the computer that has gone flat and is usually a cr 2032 battery. The
old one if that would need to be removed and the new one put in and then
the sighted person to go into the cmos and set the time etc

You really need to see what the message is. the other thing that usually
might cause it some times it is pretty cold in the room. I have only had
one hard drive die on me on a computer in 30 years and they are used
every day.

Gene nz
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