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Hi Joseph, it seems that the computer issue that made my machine unbootable was nvda trying to do an update while it was trying to tell me about an add on update. Can add on updates be made manual?
Quite what actually happened is hard to say, but nvda did a restart and when it tried to it locked up the keyboard.
 So the only recourse was to use the button but this time instead of  waiting a few seconds and booting into either safe mode or the normal boot it got stuck before this and somebody had to go into the bios and  tell it to reboot manually.
We have since proved this to be the issue twice, so on my installed copy, which is now reinstalled Add on updater has been removed and also I had to manually remove it from the folder in app data/nvda as well as we kept on getting  an error as it said it had a pending update but of course it had not add on updater so it got into a bit of a spin and completely scrambled nvdas keyboard input for no good reason I can deduce. Using the mouse my friend  got  my portable copy running instead then I went in and manually deleted the pending add on updater update and so far, fingers crossed no crashes of nvda with dead keyboard.
 Whether this is a specific windows 7  issue or a mismatch with another add on is not really clear, but I'll keep the add on updater in  my portable copy and see if that fixes the issue. I suspect 9 times out of ten, a button shutdown of windows will in fact work but now and again, not. somebody needs to invent a talking bios!

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Add-on Updater: patch release candidate for update checking and key error problem


Thanks. Eventually you’ll be asked to update to 18.08.4.




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Add-on Updater: patch release candidate for update checking and key error problem


Hi Joseph


That looks as though it has done the trick. I just installed the latest add on the add on one then done a check for updates This time it told me there were none then gave me the option to close it. I can try a few more times later in the day but think i will get the same result saying there is none and the close button.


Gene nz



On 8/4/2018 12:34 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,


A test version of Add-on Updater is now available from:


This one should fix a regression where NVDA kept showing progress bar dialog when performing a manual add-on update check. Once this is working, I’ll release 18.08.4 to the public.




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