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One thing that has reached my ears from several people using, particularly laptops using relate sound hardware is that the hardware goes to sleep after a few seconds of no sound, probably due to some driver feature, and these means it seems there is a latency when new audio or speech is played even after a few seconds. Obviously not being a 10 user I cannot tell.
One luminary, who lives in New Zealand has called the current state of Windows 10 audio 'a dogs dinner' compared to windows 7.
I will say no more!
Maybe Microsoft need to check drivers more thoroughly before approving them. The person concerned returned a Surface series laptop due to this issue, but more recently others have mentioned it. I using 7, am feeling just a little smug, or I was till it did its woopsie on the a couple of days ago of course.
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We concentrated on getting wxPython4, Braille display auto detection and system test framework into 2018.3.

Once 2018.3 is finalized, we will look at getting speech Refactor into NVDA master as soon as we can, so that it will be available in 2018.4.


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This question is for NVDA developers. At NVDACon it was announced that there is going to be a new speech framework in NVDA. I assume it's this

However, there is not much activity in this issue lately. I am wondering if NVDA is still planning to finish this issue and if there is any estimate how soon?

I am looking forward towards this issue because I have an idea of another add-on that would be possible if new speech framework is implemented.



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