Re: Add-on Updater and Screen Curtain: updated with top requested features

Kevin Cussick

I fear this is a bug, I get this as well. using NVDA)
Version: 2018.3beta windows10 home 64 bit hope this helps.2

On 04/08/2018 00:08, Gene New Zealand wrote:
Hi Joseph
I just updated the add on to update add ons  and it got the latest.
I read to get the curtain one which i already have i had to go back a second time for it to see it and up date it so i did.
Only thing is it is still looking and i could not really cancel it it went on for quite a few minutes yet all the other add ons which i have were already updated.
I had to restart nvda so it would stop it from looking. Would that also be because the other add on is not up there? or a bug?
Gene nz
On 8/4/2018 9:09 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to announce the immediate release of updates to Add-on Updater and Screen Curtain. Note that these add-ons are proof of concept (prototype) add-ons and should be used to provide feedback to people developing these feature in NVDA Core:

* Add-on Updater (NVDA Core issue 3208): Joseph Lee
* Screen Curtain (NVDA Core issue 7857): Leonard de Ruijter/Babbage B.V.

In case of Add-on Updater, today’s build includes work from checkable list (NVDA issue 7491), thus serving as a field test of that issue. If you have any comments on checkable list, please send them to Leonard.

To check for add-on updates:

1. If you have Add-on Updater installed, go to NVDA menu/Tools/Check
for add-on updates.
2. If you don’t have Add-on Updater, go to community add-ons website
and install Add-on Updater.
3. Due to addition of Screen Curtain in “add-ons under development”
category, you’ll need to check for add-on updates a second time to
update Screen Curtain.


Add-on Updater:

* When new add-on updates appear, the first entry will be selected
and announced automatically.
* Added ability to exclude add-ons from being updated. You can
configure this by going to NVDA menu/Preferences/Settings/Add-on
Updater panel. From “do not update add-ons” checkable list box,
check add-ons you do not want Add-on Updater to update. This was
requested by an add-on author.

Screen Curtain:

* Added a check to make sure magnification wrapper can be imported.
* Added an unassigned gesture to toggle screen curtain.
* Added a toggle menu item in Tools that shows state of Screen Curtain.




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