Re: Add-on Updater: badly formatted add-on summary text causes settings panel to fail

Rui Fontes

Joseph, the problem is not the presence of commas, but the absence of quotes surrounding the text of Summary...

And, once again, that was not mandatory when the addons were created...

Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 01:35 de 05/08/2018, Joseph Lee escreveu:

Hi all,
In the course of debugging a bug raised by several users of Add-on Updater (proof of concept), it was found that there are add-ons out there shipping with badly formatted manifest data. Specifically, a badly formatted add-on  summary data can cause Add-on Updater settings panel to fail.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Install Vocalizer Expressive Compact voices.
2. Install Add-on Updater.
3. Restart NVDA.
4. Open NVDA settings, and try going to Add-on Updater panel.
Expected: no errors, and add-ons excluded from update checks will be shown.
Actual: error in check list box.
Cause: add-on summary text for add-ons like Vocalizer Expressive Compact contains one or more commas, which causes manifest parser to treat it as a list instead of text.
Solutions: several, including short-term and long-term, good and bad. These include converting between strings and lists, checking for names of add-ons that causes this bug and what not.
In the meantime, I’ll prevent Vocalizer family of add-ons from appearing in “do not update” list in Add-on Updater settings panel. But this masks the fundamental problem: manifest data format problem, which should be fixed by add-on authors.
There is an interesting discussion regarding this bug and related ideas happening on add-ons list at:,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,24168400

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