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No, I won't give them a break.  the only message from Apple sent to the list is a stock general message they send for lots of inquiries.  It's obvious.  The name of the program is never mentioned and it is a general message.  Did you get a different one?  They may be working on the problem but how quickly and seriously?  Was this message sent out because they actually are or is it sent out by a staff member who deals with complaints as a standard response? 
If you want to defend Apple, that's your right.  But why?  It's glaringly obvious that if Apple had given proper attention to accessibility, these obvious problems would have been solved long before this version reached release.  I won't give them a break.  I've seen complaints about accessibility in ITunes when new releases have come out before.  Apple claims to take accessibility seriously.  That means checking products during development, not after people report obvious problems after release. 

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Guys, give them a break for Christ sake!  They said they were working on it,
did they not?

If you don't believe them, then, ok, fine, whatever, but you don't have to
publicly rub it in their faces!  That's incredibly disrespectful!
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> Sounds like a classic autoresponse script to me.
> At 12:22 AM 5/25/2016, you wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I received an email from apple. I am going to post it below this message.
>>Thanks to Christopher for posting the email address for Apple
>>Re: newest version of iTunes.; Follow-up: 641443370
>>Thank you for your email. We appreciate the feedback and wanted to let you
>>know that Apple is currently investigating this issue. We cannot comment
>>on when it may be resolved.
>>Apple Accessibility

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