Add-on Updater: 18.08.5 as last stable version for now, few important announcements


Hi all,


First, thank you all for your valuable feedback regarding Add-on Updater. At the moment I’m making changes to the corresponding pull request (NVDA issue 3208) based on your feedback and the add-on code.


Also, version 18.08.5 will hit the air in about half an hour from now. This one fixes a bug where Add-on Updater settings panel didn’t show up properly if there are add-ons with badly formatted manifest data. I also took this time to exclude Nuance Vocalizer family of add-ons from participating in add-on update checks.


Few more important announcements:


  • Removing “stable” tag: I’m removing stable tag from this add-on once 18.08.5 is released. This is to follow precedence set by Screen Curtain where proof of concept/prototype add-ons will remain under development.
  • Compatibility with really old add-ons: prior to widespread use of Add-on Template, add-on authors would package add-ons by hand. This means add-on manifest data would be formatted in such a way that caused Python to treat them as things other than text. Although Add-on Updater will notice these and take appropriate action, compatibility with these old add-ons is not guaranteed. The solution is for add-on authors to put quotes around manifest data, specifically for summary and description fields. I’ll edit relevant sections in NVDA’s developer guide to reflect this discovery.
  • Feedback channel: in addition to emails and social media replies (Twitter and what not), the best place to send feedback regarding add-on update feature is GitHub via


Thank you.



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