Re: Can NVDA be used with IE11?

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>


yes NVDA can be used with internet explorer along with mozilla fire fox
and google chrome and microsoft edge and a few others.

How are you trying to drive nvda on the web page?

there are 2 modes in the browser you use one is browse mode where you
can use single letter navigation keys such as H for headings, L for
lists and so on.

The other mode is focus mode this is where you can type into a editable 
box like when you enter a email address or password etc in the browser.

Depending if you have sounds enabled you will hear 2 sounds if it is
like a letter typed it is in a edit area or if you hear the other sound
a like pong sound you are in browse mode.

If you want to hear what mode you are in use the ctrl key + nvda key +
the letter B and when the dialogue box comes up tab down until you hear
nvda say  and uncheck that box called Audio indication of focus and
browse modes with the space bar.

Make sure then you save your settings with ctrl key +nvda key + the letter C

Are you hearing any thing when you tab on the page? if you are it may
just be the mode but if you hear pane or unknown you might have to run a
tool to fix it but this is only if it is in all browsers.

Gene nz

On 8/6/2018 8:22 AM, Larry Higgins wrote:
A first time hello to all on the list.

This is my very first post here, so hate to ask what almost has to be
a stupid question at the outset, but here goes.

It has been my experience that NVDA will not read anything from a page
with IE11 other than links via the tab key, but will not read text
from a page via the arrow keys at all. Is this just me, Or is NVDA and
IE simply incompatible? If they are indeed compatible, could someone
please give me some necessary pointers toward using IE with NVDA?

Any help would be very much appreciated,


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