Re: Can NVDA be used with IE11?

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It works fine here the last time I tried.
Can you tell us whether any other browser works for you, or is it just ie 11?
I am assuming you are not in focus mode but in browse mode.
By which I mean if you are in an auto focus mode situation say in an editable text area, and its not switching back when you come out, you might try forcing it.


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Subject: [nvda] Can NVDA be used with IE11?

A first time hello to all on the list.

This is my very first post here, so hate to ask what almost has to be a stupid question at the outset, but here goes.

It has been my experience that NVDA will not read anything from a page with IE11 other than links via the tab key, but will not read text from a page via the arrow keys at all. Is this just me, Or is NVDA and IE simply incompatible? If they are indeed compatible, could someone please give me some necessary pointers toward using IE with NVDA?

Any help would be very much appreciated,


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