Re: jaws & NVDA in combination

marvin kotler

Good evening list. Running windows xp and jaws15 and nvda 16.1. I cannot use them in combination, but one at a time. Nevertheless, I do have a problem I hope someone can help me out with. At the moment, running a machine with windowx xp, jaws 15 and nvda 16.1. The problem I am faced with is i cannot get rid of the content advisor so consequently, I cannot use internet explorer. I never used content advisor in contrary to what the computer says. Any help getting rid of it so I can use internet explorer again would be appreciated; thanks in advance.

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Hi Z
I use both jaws and nvda at the same time some times because nvda reads some things jaws wont read. I also use window eyes with nvda for the same reason. Some times I'll start all 3 of them to find out witch screen reader reads the most. Kind of funny with all 3 of them talking some times.

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