Re: Disable desktop keys when laptop mode is enabled


You can do that if you want to have problems using screen review or object navigation.  Even if you do this, does that mean the function keys are returned to their free state?  I don't know.  Maybe they just won't do anything. 
But before degrading NVDA when it may well not be necessary, what kind of laptop are you using?  Laptops that don't have home and end keys usually have some combination that will work as home and end.  I don't know what that combination is most likely to be, but it may be the fn key and this or that key used in combination.  Others will very likely have suggestions to try or may be able to check documentation. 
Also, are you completely sure there is no home and end key?  My laptop has small home and end keys that don't look anything like standard computer keys in a horizontal row of very small keys that are above the main keyboard.  Once, a computer user discussed this question on a list I'm on and, after considerable discussion, she found that the home and end keys were present in an interface more or less as I described.

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From: Rui Fontes
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You can go to NVDA menu, Preferences, Input gestures and in the Text
review cathegory remove the entries regarding NumPad1 and NumPad7...


Rui Fontes
Às 12:49 de 06/08/2018, Tage Johansson escreveu:
> Hi!
> I have a laptop with numpad but no extra home/end keys. Therefore, I'm
> using the home and end keys on the numpad. But NVDA takes ownership of
> my numpad, so I have no home and end keys. I tried to set the keyboard
> layout of NVDA to laptop, but NVDA has still ownership of my numpad.
> Any solutions?
> Tage

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