NVDA & IE11, figured it out

Larry Higgins

Hello again listers,

As so often happens, after asking, something happens that leads me right to the answer.

I  was just reading through the posts on the list earlier this morning, and found that someone was having trouble with there use of ZoomText (don't remember what the issue was), but they talked about switching between focus and browse mode, which for some unknown reason I assumed that brows was no longer being used by newer versions of screen readers. I looked up the key command for browse mode, and used it, and I was in business. Guess I'm in  no position to remind anybody about assuming <smile>?

I need to get to RTFMing real soon, as I am in the fourth day of a seven day trial period for Code Factory Eloquence, and need to give NVDA a bit of a work out, along with the synthesizer.

I find, at least for me, that NVDA is much more of a pleasant experience     with Eloquence, my long time preferred voice.

Thanks for all of your help, it is really very much appreciated.


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