Re: Microsoft Word 2016 stop working.

Quentin Christensen

If you alt+tab away to another program and back to Word does it work again?  Alternatively, if you restart NVDA does it work?

Another question - does it always happen, or only with particular documents?  EG does it happen more if you have a document with track changes on, lots of changes and comments, or does it happen if you open a blank document in word and start typing a paragraph of text?

NVDA does have a log, and if you send me a copy of it with a description of what is happening, I'd be happy to have a look.  You can find the log in your %temp% directory.  See this page for more information on the log:  If you send me a log to info@... - ideally at log level debug, that would be most helpful.

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If you restart nvda does it work again, or has it got to be word or the whole machine that has to be rebooted. I think for us to help we would need you to set logging level to input output or debug.
Then  run it till it happens. and see if you can get the old log the next time you boot nvda from the %temp% folder. assuming you are aloud to of course.

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Hi everybody,

I would like to ask to people who work with Microsoft Word like me if you have the same problem.

During my job, Microsoft Word stops working and until I don't close or restart NVDA it doesn't unlock.

It happens since a lot of months. I've hoped that through different NVDA updates, Microsoft Word updates and Microsoft Windows update it can be solved, but it continues, so I'd like to ask here.

I'd like to specify that the computer I work on is specifically set only for job.
So few application are installed, and everything is licensed.

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 1803
Microsoft Word: Home and Students Version 1806 (build 10228.20104)
NVDA: version 2018.2.1
Synthetizer_ IVONA, italian Carla

I've made a lot of tests. Microsoft Office tries to understand via Remote Control, but no success.

When Microsoft Word stops working, also NVDA doesn't give me anymore audiofeedback.
There is a log file for NVDA I can share with you to understand better what's happening?

Thanks so much.


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