Re: thunderbird 60.0


You can download it on the official Thunderbird site, I don't have direct links now but search for Thunderbird on google and is the first result.

El 06/08/2018 a las 23:25, Narayan escribió:
Is there Thunderbird 60 is available? if yes, where can we get it? please provide link or give instruction to get it. thank you.

On 8/7/2018 6:10 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Well I must say after updating I chose to use the 64 bit addition of thunderbird from mozilla ftp as I thought why not.

What I found out is that while most to the dialogs are accessible parts of the addon search dialog and install dialogs are not, thats fine because I have no intention of installing addons.

The cpu usage is a bit up, also it will not honor your intergration settings, it kept asking me and I had to tell it to not ask me again.

Otherwise, generally things are accessible, and descriptions have improved.

I am only talking general setup of things.

I do wander though if there is a way to install addons to thunderbird without the installer web interface, as its the brouser in the addons site which has access issues, the site itself is fine in a brouser so if I download an addon say google search I want a way to load it.

Bar that most of it seems fine though its only for email that I have set up, no news, no rss nothing like that.

I havn't bothered with chatting either.

But at least thunderbird quantom is not the same as firefox quantom.

It does seem though that I can drop back to the older esr and it will be fine enough.

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