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Antony Stone

There is no way Microsoft is going to release a new version of any current
application to run under Windows XP.

Support for XP ended in April 2014, and anyone who continues using it simply
has to accept that more and more applications will get stuck at old versions
which cannot be upgraded.

It's your choice to carry on using Windows XP - fine - but please don't then
complain when you find things you want to run on it and they won't.


On Tuesday 07 August 2018 at 17:23:12, zahra wrote:

i one time tested skype, but because i cant use and dont love windows
seven, skype 8 does not work for me.
when i tested with windows seven, it was extremely great and realy love it!
but the only issue is not supporting windows xp.
i wish that microsoft readd support for windows xp in to skype eight.
as skype is an important software for me and i realy need it, i
sincerely appreciate your great and joyful news and God bless you!

On 8/7/18, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io

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I do have some sympathy with them, but the fact is that they have been
guilty of assuming they have made it better when in fact they have
obviously not made it bug free as well. There is a long history of Skype
cock ups going back way before Microsoft ever owned it, and they seem
unable to break the cycle of fix one thing and break several other things.
We all know the old Skype code is not as robust or secure as it could be,
and hence I do see that Microsoft want to engineer it better for this
reason anyway, but sadly, its not just blind users who are having issues
with the new version and I really do think they need to stop fiddling and
concentrate on fixing before they retire the old system for good.


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Dear friends, in replying a message, I gave you some sort of small info
regarding withdrawing micro soft’s decision of closure of Skype classic
on September first, here is a detailed info!
Earlier this summer, Microsoft announced that they would be ending
support for version 7.0 of classic Skype in September. If that news
didn’t sit well with you, it looks like you will have a bit more time to
use the software. In a forum post where the Skype team was asking for
feedback about the update, the team has updated the post to say that they
will not be ending support Skype 7 and will extend the deadline. The
company did not provide a new timeline for the end of life of the product
but did say that they will update the post again with more information in
the future.

The full post can be read below:

The team says that this change is based on customer feedback but is
ambiguous about the future of the platform. This is an awkward backward
step for the Skype team as they previously said that Skype 8 had all the
functionality that users needed but clearly that is not the case.
For the past couple of weeks, Microsoft has been aggressively pushing

to upgrade from version 7 to 8 but it’s clear that this update process
has been far from painless.
I have reached out to Microsoft about this change to see if they will
provide any additional information about when this product will be
retired. For now, if you are using the classic version of Skype, you
will be able to do so for the foreseeable future. That being said, at some
point you will have to migrate to a newer version of the software.
With regards from Inamuddin with the Skype ID:
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