Re: thunderbird 60.0

Don H

I installed it over the top of 52 and seems fine.

On 8/7/2018 12:28 PM, Mary Otten wrote:
I just saw an article in the mainstream press about this new update, which talks about a lot of you I changes, mostly visual. It also says that this will be a whole new install, but it does not install over the top of version 52. Does that mean that I’m going to end up with two copies of Thunderbird? Does it also mean that I’m going to have to redo everything in the new one so it is like it is in the old one? That is to include my account information and any settings I have changed? Sorry for the stupid questions. But the other email app I use forever always used to install over itself when it got an upgrade.
On Aug 7, 2018, at 9:00 AM, Antony Stone <> wrote:

Start from and
select the language you want; the next page gives you the download link.


On Tuesday 07 August 2018 at 17:51:34, Narayan wrote:

Hi, where can i get 64 bit version of Thunderbird? I visited using
provided link, but there i couldn't get this. any idea?

On 8/7/2018 8:55 AM, Narayan wrote:
Is there Thunderbird 60 is available? if yes, where can we get it?
please provide link or give instruction to get it. thank you.

On 8/7/2018 6:10 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Well I must say after updating I chose to use the 64 bit addition of
thunderbird from mozilla ftp as I thought why not.

What I found out is that while most to the dialogs are accessible
parts of the addon search dialog and install dialogs are not, thats
fine because I have no intention of installing addons.

The cpu usage is a bit up, also it will not honor your intergration
settings, it kept asking me and I had to tell it to not ask me again.

Otherwise, generally things are accessible, and descriptions have

I am only talking general setup of things.

I do wander though if there is a way to install addons to thunderbird
without the installer web interface, as its the brouser in the addons
site which has access issues, the site itself is fine in a brouser so
if I download an addon say google search I want a way to load it.

Bar that most of it seems fine though its only for email that I have
set up, no news, no rss nothing like that.

I havn't bothered with chatting either.

But at least thunderbird quantom is not the same as firefox quantom.

It does seem though that I can drop back to the older esr and it will
be fine enough.
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