Screen Curtain August 7th build: to go live in half an hour, website entry will return at the same time


Hi all,


Screen Curtain August 7th build will hit the air in about half an hour from now. This build includes following changes as a result of basic add-on review:


  • Settings: now configurable. You can now ask NVDA to not enable screen curtain when it starts (default behavior from now on). Also, the add-on is ready for configuration profile switches – that is, you can enable or disable screen curtain while in certain situations (using an app, for example).
  • Documentation: greatly improved. It now mentions new settings, toggle state, and a link to the actual NVDA issue is provided.
  • Toggle messages: instead of playing a tone whenever screen curtain is toggled, a message will be spoken and brailled. The tone will be heard if screen curtain is enabled when NVDA starts.


Also, this add-on will once again show up on add-ons website under development section as it has gone through basic review process.


Thank you.



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