Re: Screen Curtain August 7th build: to go live in half an hour, website entry will return at the same time

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>

Hi Joseph

Just downloaded the screen curtain add on hearing screen curtain on and off i like that much better than the beeps.

I also checked out the documentation as well and had a quick read.

I think maybe some people may know or some will not that you can asign a short cut key to turn it on and off. There was no mention in the help section or where to go if you are a new user of the add on.

I Until i looked under the gestures section then tools then screen curtain i did not know where this could be done.

Some people may not be aware you can asign a gesture to some of the add ons.

Do you reckon it needs to be mentioned or not just looking at it from a new user.

Gene nz

On 8/8/2018 6:31 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,


Screen Curtain August 7th build will hit the air in about half an hour from now. This build includes following changes as a result of basic add-on review:


  • Settings: now configurable. You can now ask NVDA to not enable screen curtain when it starts (default behavior from now on). Also, the add-on is ready for configuration profile switches – that is, you can enable or disable screen curtain while in certain situations (using an app, for example).
  • Documentation: greatly improved. It now mentions new settings, toggle state, and a link to the actual NVDA issue is provided.
  • Toggle messages: instead of playing a tone whenever screen curtain is toggled, a message will be spoken and brailled. The tone will be heard if screen curtain is enabled when NVDA starts.


Also, this add-on will once again show up on add-ons website under development section as it has gone through basic review process.


Thank you.



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