Re: Microsoft Word 2016 stop working.

Daniele Casarola

- The problem regards only NVDA and Microsoft Word. I don't need to reboot the machine, all other applications works correctly.
- If I restart NVDA sometimes Microsoft Word unlock and I can continue to work normally. Sometimes Microsoft Word crashes and automatically reopen the last saved file. I lose from 0 to 1 minute of job, because I've set auto save every 1 minute.

- If I alt+tab and back in Microsoft Word it doesn't fix.
- As said above, if I restart NVDA sometimes Microsoft Word works again, sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time it doesn't.
- It happens with any document, both my company documents and new blank document. I want to specify that my Microsoft Word installation is a standard installation with no adon or particular setting. The problem appears also if Microsoft Word is launched in Safe Mode.
- I can't recognize a regular reason why it happens, it seems random to me. Sometime 3 times per day, sometime 10 times. If I type the same text I typed before crash, it doesn't crash again, so it doesn't depend of the specific text.

Travis Siege
- I work alternately on two machines which has the same applications installed and same setting. One is a laptop Asus Zenbook CPU i7 6700HQ and 16GB Ram. The other is a small workstation CPU i7 8700, 16GB Ram. On both the machine the same exact problem.
- The document I work with has no online connection, I mean that if I want I can work offline.
- When Microsoft Word is blocked, I've opened Windows Task Manager to check CPU, GPU and RAM usage, but the percentage is low for all the components.
- Usually I create diferent Microsoft Word document. I mean that I don't work on the same for hours and hours. I produce multiple documents, and each time I close and reopen Microsoft Word. I work on one istance of Microsoft Word at time. The crash happens also in documents that I've opened since few minutes.
- I've tried to work using Windows Notepad application for one day, just to test. I simply pasted the text typed from Notepad to Microsoft Word continuosly. No crash in this way. Of course the workflow is slower.

I've set log mode to debug.
I've attached the two files (nvda.log and nvda_old.log) from the %temp% folder.

This is the steps
1. Run nvda
2. Start to type in Word
3. Word stop working.
4. Wait a while but no audio feedback from NVDA and Word not working still.
5. Restart NVDA with CTRL+ALT+N
6. Microsoft Word automatically reopen last saved document
7. Copy paste nvda.log and nvda_old.log from %temp% to a new folder and attached to this post.

Link to the files:

thanks so much for the support.

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