Re: rude braille

Jonathan COHN


Need a few more design considerations.

When we are talking about chat programs there are usually 3 components, functions, message history and message input.

I expect when you are typing input especially from the bralle keyboard you would want the bralle display to have your input.
It could also be beneficial to know how many messages are in the chat history and how many are unread. (perhaps a few status cells for this and also to indicate if viewing history or input. How would you format the status i

Generally converstions can get a bit verpose like saying emogee and giving full name / e-mail address along with time stampts. (often not cared about)

Also, since there are several chat systems out there it might make sense to create a generalized object that could handle what I describe above and then have app level functionality for Skype / AOLM / MS Teams / Skype for business, Slack.

Any other ideas on a generalized braille chat interface?


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A big problem for me using skype in braille is that each message is not allowed to finish
if another message arrives. the speech is much more well-behaved--
each message is spoken completely before the next one begins. Is there a way to make braille
behave that way? Ideably I would like to control what I read instead of the incoming message
snatching the focus each time.
thanks for any suggestions.
nvda, skype 8.25, windows 10, 64bit desktop.

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