StationhPlaylist Studio add-on: checkable list box field testing begins with August 8th add-on development snapshot


Hi all, especially those using StationPlaylist studio add-on:


I’m about to start conducting field testing for checkable list box implementation:


Background: a checkable list box is a list of checkboxes arranged vertically. The best example is Disk Cleanup where you’re presented with a list of checkboxes for selecting which files to delete.


At the moment wxPython 4’s native implementation isn’t accessible to screen reader users, but two NVDA code contributors found a way to change that (with a combination of MSAA code and some edits here and there). I have also managed to package their edits in a format that can be imported by other add-on authors for testing purposes.


How it impacts Studio add-on: at the moment there are three places where a series of checkboxes are used to let you change add-on settings: metadata streaming, column announcement for track info retrieval, and playlist transcripts. Due to limitations with wxPython 4’s native checkable list box implementation, I’m using checkboxes laid out horizontally. When I first wrote these code fragments in 2015, I envisioned that eventually I’ll be using checkable list in the future, and that future is now. Visually, checkable list box is laid out vertically.


What’s exactly different: starting from StationPlaylist Studio add-on development build for today, I changed metadata streaming checkboxes to a checkable list. To test this, after installing today’s build (requires NVDA 2018.2 and later and you MUST be running StationPlaylist Studio), open Studio, open add-on settings (Alt+NVDA+0), then go to metadata streaming category. Press Tab twice, and you’ll notice that a series of five checkboxes representing stream URL’s is replaced by a list box with five items, each one next to a checkbox. To enable a stream for metadata output, just check the checkbox. After you select OK or Apply, changes will take effect immediately.


The checkable list box code may or may not make the cut for the upcoming stable (and long-term support) version of Studio add-on, most likely it’ll be included in that version. If this field test is successful, I’ll apply this change to other parts of the add-on where checkable list makes sense.





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