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Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...>


Although I haven't used it in a long time, I have Total Recorder on my PC, and it appears to be accessible with NVDA. I know you can set various recording parameters, convert files, etc. I have the Pro version, but I believe they still ofer trials and various program levels and add-ons.


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hello Dan,

Thank you for the query, for I believe I was one of those members who
was looking for it.
I got pretty confused with all the responses and responses TO
responses regarding it, but I'm still gonna keep on looking for one
that would work with NVDA and Windows 10, maybe not perfectly but at
least much of the time.

Thank you for the link to Virtual Recorder, though, and I'll read the
documentation and technical specs on it first before deciding whether
I wish to test it out or not.

Have a good day.



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