Re: How to click on links when they won't click

Jonathan COHN

The only option I didn’t see you list was to route the mouse to the navigator item and then click the mouse button.


I have seen one style of graphical link that Firefox screen readers can’t seem to use at all.


These links have a graphic that is a background image (thereby occupying no real space and then the link is labeled for screen readers with “off screen text”. I think Firefox knows the text is out of the view port but the scrren reader commands to move mouse to content and then click perhaps are trying to move the mouse to the entirely wrong place. On the sites I help with accessibility on, we were able to tell the developers to use an aria-label instead of off screen text and this solved the problem.  But unless you can talk to the developer of the site I guess you can’t go that approach.

In which case the only other solution I can think of is try another browser or screen reader.


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Jonathan Cohn



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Hi all.

I hope someone can help me here.

Once in a while, more and more lately it seems, I can not click with the enter key, or control enter, or the space bar and even with the num pad using numpad 0 enter.

So how do you click on a link in that case? 

Thank you




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