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Bhavya shah

Hi Joseph,
Which add-on are you referring to, just wondering?

On 5/25/16, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
Hi Scott,
Believe it or not, someone suggested this before, and a proof of concept
add-on is being reviewed as we speak.

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Ok, i will bring it up here to make sure it is something that not just me
would like to see, and maybe there is a way and i just need to expand my
mind with the knowledge of how to do this. smile.

You know how in settings when clicking ok when done with a section of
settings, the whole settings panel goes away? Well, it'd be nice to
put things in like a list, sort of like programs like thunderbird, or at
least so one does not have to exit settings just to have to go back into
settings with nvda n to change more settings.
Yes, i know you could probably change things with keyboard shortcuts,
however, I do not know all the shortcuts to do this yet for all the
things you could set. So i'm just thinking it might be easier for new
people, and me or people like me who might get confused easily
when first encountering a new program.

Thank you

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Hi Scott,
The official place for filing requests and bugs is our little corner
Ideally also search to see if the issue has already been filed.
If you'd like some feedback on the idea first then absolutely raise it
here and we can have a conversation about it and get it filed.
I can and do file issues myself, although the advantage in you filing
it is that if more information is needed or clarification on
something, it's easy to ask.
Kind regards
On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 12:29 PM, Scott VanDeWalle
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Hello, i'd like to know how to make a suggestion that I feel is a good
idea for a future release.
I don't know enough programming stuff to know how easy or not this
would be, but still I think it is a wonderful idea.
Thank you

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