Re: How to click on links when they won't click


Well, if what Scott was asking about is a "hover over" menu structure I have now been successful in using it with a combination of INS+Num Pad Slash (left mouse click) once I have focus on the top level link to get the menu to appear.  I can then tab through the menu items.  If I hit enter on one and nothing happens that indicates to me that it's another hover over, and I INS+Num Pad Slash to get its submenu to appear then tab through it.

If a link activates successfully with Enter or Spacebar then it's a normal link.  If it just sits there its a hover over link (at least so far), and I'm able to force the hover over to activate by doing a virtual left click, which does nothing but give mouse focus where it should be so that the submenu appears, as the actual click on these links when you're actually using a mouse does nothing.  It's the progressive movement of the mouse hovering over the various hover over links until you get to a "real" link that makes all this show up "the sighted way."  [The previous is included simply for comparison, contrasting, and because I figure some people are curious.  I'm not expecting anyone to actually use the mouse.]

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