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Well waterfox works better than the latest Firefox does, but its still a little clunky to me.
It really needs to be far more obvious and basic in design aas to get to the new content you clicked on its a bit of a hunting job. It also seems that the links do not generate the click on browsers that would normally make that sound.
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what browser are you using? I tried two or three links and got them to work in the usual way. I saw some menu buttons and I tried activating one. I had to do the following:
I used the I am menu button. I went into forms mode. I pressed enter on the I am button and was then able to down arrow through a menu of fifteen items. I didn't do anything further such as to try to work with the menu by pressing enter on an item.

I didn't test with new versions of programs. I would have had to go online with my Windows 7 machine. But I would think that if the Firefox version 52.X ESR can work with an older version of NVDA, then newer versions should be able to work as well.

How many browsers did you try and which ones? Also, firefox works but Chrome won't load the site, saying it can't establish a secure connection. I don't know if this matters, I don't know what information the site asks for. But you might not be using a secure connection.

From: Scott VanDeWalle
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2018 6:12 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] How to click on links when they won't click

Hello Brian.

The site I’m trying to sign up on is

Actually the only link that I can seem to activate is how it works and it just plays a video.

Thanks, and thanks to all for the suggestions


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Subject: Re: [nvda] How to click on links when they won't click

On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 04:20 PM, Scott VanDeWalle wrote:

Once in a while, more and more lately it seems, I can not click with the enter key, or control enter, or the space bar and even with the num pad using numpad 0 enter.

So how do you click on a link in that case?


Interesting that you bring this up today, as what I think is a similar situation to yours is something I just answered, and lamely (since I have no solution), is that there is the increasing use of "mouse hover over" menu systems that screen readers identify as links. The one I was just talking about is the main navigation structure on and on that page once you're in their navigation area only the "Home" and "Blog" links are actual links. The others are hover-over menus and I cannot activate them with any keyboard commands I have tried. Once my mouse is hovered over the top level links the menu appears, and I can tab through those links, but what's particularly evil is that most of those links are second level hover over controls that cause the next submenu to show up, and I can't make that submenu appear without hovering over.

I could have sworn that either JAWS or NVDA had a command that was the equivalent of "bring the mouse pointer here as though it were hovering over this item" but I can't find them at the moment.

If you can post a specific site you're having this issue with I can at least confirm whether this sort of navigation structure is at play there.


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