Calling all BrailleNote users: A NVDA try build snapshot providing basic support for BrailleNote QT and Apex BT scroll wheel now available for testing


Hi everyone,


For those who are new to the mailing list: I’m Joseph, one of the code contributors to NonVisual Desktop Access screen reader project. I’m here to announce the immediate availability of a try build to support BrailleNote QT and Apex BT scroll wheel in braille terminal mode.


Since 2011, NVDA provides support for BrailleNote family of products as a braille display. Originally a community add-on, it joined the ranks of braille display drivers that ships with NVDA in 2013. Currently the braille keyboard commands are supported.


The purpose of building the try build is to let you see what I’ve been working on for the past few days in regards to enhancing NVDA’s support for BrailleNote family of products when used as a braille display. Specifically, the try build now accepts commands from BrailleNote QT when used in basic mode (not PC keyboard emulation) and supports Apex BT’s scroll wheel. Normally, I would not release this code very early, but I’m hoping that, by letting you try what I’ve been working on, I hope to receive feedback and real life data from many of you in hopes of making my code better and to provide a solid foundation to provide enhancements in the future. The other reason is for this offer to be a catalyst for companies such as HIMS and others to engage with customers in regards to their products being supported by NVDA.


Key assignments added in this try build:


Apex BT scroll wheel:

·         Up: up arrow.

·         Down: down arrow.

·         Left: left arrow.

·         Right: right arrow.

·         Center: enter key.

·         Scroll clockwise: tab.

·         Scroll counterclockwise: shift+tab.


BrailleNote QT (including Apex model):

·         Read+T: Control+Home.

·         Read+B: Control+End.

·         Arrow keys: arrow keys.

·         Read+N: NVDA menu.

·         Tab: tab.

·         Shift+Tab: shift+tab.

·         Function+left arrow: Home.

·         Function+right arrow: End.

·         Function+up arrow: page up.

·         Function+down arrow: page down.

·         Read+1: toggle input help mode.

·         Read+W: Windows key.

·         Read+M: Alt key.


Important notes:

·         The try build is based on latest master snapshot.

·         Please try using the try build as a portable copy.

·         On QT, some keys may result in NVDA giving you errors.

·         This does not support PC keyboard emulation mode.


Now, without further ado, the try build download link:,1d9c92f3.exe


If you have any comments (feedback, questions, suggestions and what not). Please email me directly at joseph.lee22590@.... If you are on Twitter, you can send your comments to @joslee, and for those on Facebook, my ID is josephsl. Also, I’d like to propose having either a Skype or TeamTalk chat about this feature in June.


Thanks, and I look forward to reading your comments. Good luck.



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