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Has this just started?if so has anything updated to make it worse?
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Subject: [nvda] Question about NVDA and Windows 10

Was wondering if anyone else is having problems with NVDA running very sluggishly with FireFox on Windows 10. I also have problems using Windows Live Mail now, as it says, Not Responding when I try to read a message. I
M having to use Windows Mail for Win 10.
I also have a problem when trying to open the typing window to search, or when typing the name of the program to start, which I did not have before. I tap the windows key to bring up the start window. Before I could tab to hear Pin Tiles List, but now I’m forced to navigate with the mouse to bring up anything in the window. I posted about this yesterday but didn’t word it as good, so maybe someone can help me and can understand better.
Fortunately I can still navigate the desk top and various folders in Windows Explorer as before. Fire fox all but hangs when trying to open pages in the browser. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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