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If you use the nvda key + 2 key it will turn speak typed characters either on and off. If you use the nvda key + 3 it will either turn the speak typed words on or off. The nvda key is a modifier key which is either the insert key, the extended insert key or the caps lock key..

You could also try using the nvda key + letter P. This will toggle between how much punctuation is spoken.

Gene nz

On 8/10/2018 4:07 AM, Wilco wrote:



I’m a relative NVDA newby just trying to navigate my way through the transition from JAWS.


One thing I’m struggling with a bit is the way NVDA speaks as I am typing. For instance, if I want to type a word with an apostrophe in it, as soon as I hit the apostrophe key, NVDA announces the word to that point, and then announces the rest of the word when I press space at the end.


So don’t is  spoken as don t, which is kind of off-putting when word processing.

Is there any way around this?


I have NVDA set to only announce words when I type.


Also, if possible I’d quite like NVDA to announce punctuation that I type, but not punctuation as I read. So I might want the reassurance of hearing NVDA say period or question mark when I enter them at the end of a sentence, but I wouldn’t want it to read out every full stop and question mark in text that I am simple browsing or reading.


Any thoughts welcome.


Cheers, Will.

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