Re: How to click on links when they won't click



            I can activate the Get Started link (which, by the way, is another of those loathsome "link disguised visually as a button" objects),but what it does is something I've never seen (literally) before:  It just slides you down the page so that you are placed, without focus on anything, in an area of the page just below two menu buttons, the first of which is a dropdown for "I am" (you're presented with a list of occupations) and the second "I speak."  Immediately below that is a scrollable table (layout wise, but not as a table object) of various sites, with a collection of links for each one.

            This page is just bizarre.  If you can see it's easy enough to figure out certain parts of it, but even then overall it does not follow anything that I'd call a recognizable convention for web coding that I've ever encountered.   It's overall design is beyond awful.

             If you are determined to try to work with these folks I would definitely give their mobile app a try and then give them a businesslike earful about just how awful their website is from an accessibility perspective.


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