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This is not what he was asking though. I think he was asking why a word is presumed to have ended by an apostrophe and then on the typing of the last letter and space spoken again.
its debatable which is totally correct. In one case, ie Jaws, it seems to look for a space to say the preceding word, but on nvda it seems any punctuation also invokes speech. I actually like it as it is, but it can be odd to those used to other ways.

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If you use the nvda key + 2 key it will turn speak typed characters either on and off. If you use the nvda key + 3 it will either turn the speak typed words on or off. The nvda key is a modifier key which is either the insert key, the extended insert key or the caps lock key..

You could also try using the nvda key + letter P. This will toggle between how much punctuation is spoken.

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On 8/10/2018 4:07 AM, Wilco wrote:


I’m a relative NVDA newby just trying to navigate my way through the transition from JAWS.

One thing I’m struggling with a bit is the way NVDA speaks as I am typing. For instance, if I want to type a word with an apostrophe in it, as soon as I hit the apostrophe key, NVDA announces the word to that point, and then announces the rest of the word when I press space at the end.

So don’t is spoken as don t, which is kind of off-putting when word processing.

Is there any way around this?

I have NVDA set to only announce words when I type.

Also, if possible I’d quite like NVDA to announce punctuation that I type, but not punctuation as I read. So I might want the reassurance of hearing NVDA say period or question mark when I enter them at the end of a sentence, but I wouldn’t want it to read out every full stop and question mark in text that I am simple browsing or reading.

Any thoughts welcome.

Cheers, Will.

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