Re: rude braille

Brian Tew

Johnathan wrote:
After reading your further messages, perhaps turning off Braille messages by setting the timeout to zero in the NVDA Braille settings panel will give you the results you want.

That is an improvement, thanks. The good news is that new braille messages
don't snatch me away before I can finish reading.
The bad news is that braille messages no longer appear in the "tnpe a message here" window.
I have to flip back and forth between two windows--one to read and one to type.
Maybe there are keyboard commands for this that will make it quicker.
I type on the pc which is way faster than using my braille keyboard.
The other big problem of extra unnecessary repetitious words in each braille message remains.
I guess this is about the best It can be with current software.
We sure need a braille filtering system to eliminate excess verbiage.

To a sighted user or even an audio user this all will seem picayune no doubt, but braille is just slower.
Message arrives. I take my hands off the typing keys and grope the braille;
then I scroll up or down to find the message because it is not usually right on the display;
then I pan left or right to find the actual words among the clutter of padding from the skype program.
Hurray--I have read one message. When nou have six or eight people jabbering away every small speedup helps.
I can keep up in irc on linux, but not really in skype yet.

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