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Also, I just tested the second link you provided.  That is,
I am testing on a rather slow, rather old computer.  But it may be of value to note that the stream took longer to play than most streams do and so, if that is the case on a faster modern computer, I would suggest waiting longer to see what happens.  Perhaps thirty or forty seconds.  It appears to me that you don't need to do anything on either of the sites you provided to get audio to play.  try waiting as a test for about forty seconds on each of these links.  You may have some sort of problem but I suspect some links take longer to play than you may expect because of the amount of information necessary to finish buffering or perhaps a good many redirections are occurring.
If you don't see any error message on screen, those may be why you have to wait longer than expected.. 

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Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 10:15 PM
Subject: [nvda] Adobe Flash Player with NVDA

Hello everyone,

Adobe Flash Player is preventing me from tuning in to the local news
online on such sites as:



I had contacted these TV stations to report the technical
difficulties, and both Webmasters had told me that their live streams
were working properly.

Just a recap: My laptop's operating system is Windows 10, my Web
browser is Firefox, and of course I use NVDA as my screen-reader.

So my questions are these:
1. How user-friendly is Adobe Flash Player with NVDA?
2. What could be causing Adobe Flash Player to play live Webcasts on
some sites but not on others?
3. Is there a way for me to troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player without
uninstalling and reinstalling it?

Thanks so much for your folks' help, and have a good day.



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