Re: question: laptop equivalent for NVDA+numpad divide /was/ Adobe Flash Player with NVDA

Laurie Mehta

Thanks Andre and I will read the user guide as you suggest.

On Wed, 5/25/16, Andre Fisher <> wrote:

Subject: Re: question: laptop equivalent for NVDA+numpad divide /was/ [nvda] Adobe Flash Player with NVDA
Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 3:25 PM

The laptop equivalent to
NVDA+NumPad slash is NVDA+Shift+M, and the
equivalent to just NumPad slash is NVDA+the
left bracket key beside
the letter P on most

For more
information, please please read the user guide.

On 5/25/16, Laurie Mehta via <>
> Hello,
I've read with interest about performing certain
functions with NVDA.
> Two key
combinations have been recommended, for example,
> NVDA+numpad divide and just the numpad
divide  alone.
> I
have a laptop that has no numpad and am hoping that someone
can let me
> know what the laptop
keyboard equivalent is for these key combinations and
> for other mouse clicking equivalents, if
any that I can use with my laptop
> that
has no numpad?
> (I
already know about using shift+F10 to do the "right
click" or
> applications key
> Thanks!
> On Wed, 5/25/16, Cearbhall O'Meadhra
>  Subject:
Re: [nvda] Adobe Flash Player with NVDA
>  To:
>  Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 6:47
>  Jolene,
>  I am very
interested in your
>  topic as I am
currently writing a tutorial for users of the
>  BorrowBox digital library service in
which Adobe Flash comes
>  in to playing
a preview of an audio book. I can forward my
>  recent discussion on this and the
solution to it if that
>  would be of

>  is a good deal of discussion
between NVDA technical team
>  members
on getting NVDA to work with the embedded objects in
>  Adobe Flash.

These are known as windowless
>  objects
and JAWS, for instance cannot see them at all in
>  FireFox but can see them but has
difficulty keeping focus on
>  them in
Internet Explorer.
>  NVDA gets around this by labelling the
>  oject as unavailable and
using the NVDA+numpad divide (to
>  move
the mouse pointer to the current navigator object)
>  followed by  numpad divide on its own
which emulates a left
>  mouse clikc.
>  I wonder if
>  you could try this solution and see if
it gives you access
>  to the player?
>  I have tried
>  your two links with NVDA and Firefox on
windows 10 (all
>  latest versions) and
found the following:
>  KITV:
>  This stream started playing and sounding
in the
>  speakers as soon as I opened
the link in Firefox.
>  KHON2:
>  This link did not start and a typical
part of
>  the screen showed this:
>  Live

>   Then NVDA
>  said:
>  iFrame
'embedded Object
>  unavailable'
and then 'Out of iFrame' after I
>  pressed down-arrow once.
>  The stream did not
>  start playing automatically like the
first one.  However, I
>  pressed
NVDA+numpad divide and then numpad divide alone and
>  it did start to play. Another numpad
divide stopped it.
>  While NVDA is
reporting the embedded object, the screen is
>  reporting "blank" under the
active cursor.

With these work-around
>  techniques ,
both streams are working on what appears to be
>  a similar system configuration to
>  What do you think?
>  All the best,
>  Cearbhall
>  m
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>  rid of spam. The Professional
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>  From:
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>  On Behalf Of Jolene Cardenas
>  Sent:
>  Wednesday,
May 25, 2016 4:15 AM
>  To:
>  Subject: [nvda] Adobe Flash Player with
>  Hello
>  Adobe
Flash Player is
>  preventing me from
tuning in to the local news online on

such sites as:

>  KHON2:
>  I had contacted
these TV
>  stations to report the
technical difficulties, and both

Webmasters had told me that their live streams were
>  properly.
>  Just a recap: My
>  laptop's operating system is Windows
10, my Web browser
>  is Firefox, and of
course I use NVDA as my screen-reader.
>  So my questions are
>  1. How user-friendly is Adobe
Flash Player with
>  NVDA?
>  2. What could be causing Adobe Flash
>  Player to play live Webcasts on some
sites but not on
>  others?
>  3. Is there a way for me to
>  troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player without
uninstalling and
>  reinstalling it?
>  Thanks so
>  much for your folks' help, and have
a good day.




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