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First, as the author of this add-on, I'd like to apologize for issues caused by installation problems from this add-on.
To others: yes, the one the original poster is referring to is indeed Windows 10 App Essentials.
As for the nature of the problem: I'm thinking somehow the installation steps weren't completed. To find out, go to NVDA menu/Tools/Manage Add-ons. If Windows 10 App Essentials is listed as "install" rather than "enable", chances are that an incomplete installation took place.
To remedy this:
1. Restart your computer.
2. Download and install Windows 10 App Essentials stable version from
3. Once installation completes (let it run until you are asked to restart NVDA), restart NVDA.
4. Go to Add-ons Manager and see if Windows 10 App Essentials shows up as "enabled".


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Subject: Re: [nvda] windows essential update


Guess I need a bit of help myself.

When I go to the NVDA menu, and locate preferences, I have eleven options, none of them are anything like "Windows 10 App Essentials."

I don't know if I need this update or not, but not being able to locate
this menu option is a bit disconcerting.

Any ideas?



On 8/11/2018 1:14 PM, Chris Mullins wrote:
Hi Anthony
I assume you are referring to Windows 10 App Essentials. You can force an update by going to the NVDA menu using NVDA+n, then activate preferences. In the Preferences menu you will find an entry for Windows 10 App Essentials. Activate this, tab to Check for updates and press enter.



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But, can you please explain to me what I should to update again?
Thanks in advance

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well just update again.

On 8/11/2018 7:19 PM, anthony borg wrote:
Hello gene

Last thursday I got the update of the windows essential for NVDA, but by mistake instead I pressed alt-y to install it, I pressed the escape key.

So do I have to do that update manually now? and if I have to do that from where I should do it?

Thanks in advance


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Subject: windows essential update

I don't have a suggestion about how to eliminate the behavior but I suspect you are asking because you reboot regularly, perhaps once a day. This is unnecessary. You should reboot from time to time, but you may not have to do so for many days or perhaps a seven day week or more. You can experiment and see at what point the system develops instability or odd problems start to occur. You can use hibernate and eliminate the problem except when you do a full reboot.


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Well I have the same issues on my systems one of which doesn't have
anything, so it all depends on the order things start, sometimes
things start, sometimes nvda starts just to early for the desktop,
sometimes well it doesn't start but then it will if I wait.

On 8/11/2018 1:44 AM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Its not just windows 10. I use 7, and sometimes I get the long period
when nothing will work. sometimes it says unknown, then start, then a
pause then desktop and sometimes landscape too. I have discovered
that most of this silliness is due to a driver Jaws added onto my machine.
although I do not have jaws set to come on at start, I recently took
advantage of a very cheap licence for it and it seems to have added a
video driver without asking. I thought these display drivers all
went away after Windows XP, but it seems not. I think the loading of
this slugs te machine and causes stuff to be spoken not previously seen.
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Subject: [nvda] Win10 startup and NVDA

Hi All,

Does anyone experience this:

After I turn on my laptop, enter my password, it goes to the desktop
and NVDA voice comes up;

Then a long silence during which no key works;

then a message announcing the size of the window;

then long silence; and finally the desktop is working.

Is there anyone to disable the announcing of the window size? Any
other suggestion?

Many thanks



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Subject: Re: [nvda] How to click on links when they won't click

On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 06:27 PM, Gene wrote:

If the site is coded so unconventionally, as Brian says, who knows
what is causing the problem.

Gene, what happens when you activate that link? When I
activate it, whether by regular mouse click or in a screen reader,
the end result is dead silence and, in the case of a screen reader,
with no object having focus anywhere in the visible area where the
link activation makes the page scroll to.

If I were not able to see exactly what's happening,
and what NVDA "sees" as happening via the Focus Highlight add-on, I'd
definitely think that activating that link "did nothing" and repeated
space bar presses or hits of enter after activating it initially do
nothing more since nothing's got focus where they clearly intend for
the user to begin picking from two dropdown lists.

It's just plain weird, weird, weird.

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